Our QR Code software features the following benefits:
  1. Track unlimited number of QR Codes.
  2. Generate Custom QR Codes that can be colored, shrunk down in size, and labeled.
  3. Generate QR Code image overlays.
  4. Real time statistics.
  5. Real time editing – changes take effect immediately.
  6. Geo-stats of each QR Code scan.
  7. Phone model statistics of each QR Code scan.
  8. Goal tracking – allows you to measure conversion rates.
  9. Graphical reports showing weekly, monthly and yearly scans.
  10. Media comparison – compare the response you get from different types of media e.g. brand A newspaper vs brand B magazine.
  11. Growth comparison – compare the increase of each scan on a week-to-week, month-to-month, or year-to-year basis.
  12. Reservation system – allows you to manage reservation requests.
  13. Messaging system – allows you to send SMS or emails to your clients.
  14. Staff collaboration – enables you to inform staff about reservations, and share guests lists securely.
  15. Marketing – send SMS or Emails to customers who opted in to receive them. There’s support for mobile coupons as well.
  16. Centralized management – Manage all marketing and messaging activities for unlimited number of restaurants.
  17. Client relationship – maintain relationship with your clients.
  18. Mobile Admin access – you can log in from your smartphone /PDA and view the statistics, manage reservations and alert staff.
  19. Emergency stop – just in case you have the wrong content out in circulation, you can disable it in real time and re-route the traffic to a different site.
  20. Multilingual interface – use automated translation or translate the text manually.