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Get To Know More About The Uses And Benefits of QR Codes

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Get To Know More About The Uses And Benefits of QR Codes Generally speaking, a QR code is a barcode on steroids. They are basically used for encoding information in two dimensional space such as in the pages of magazines or advertisements and also on TV and websites. Originally, they were utilized to track auto parts, but now they’re typically utilized for commercial purposes and have become very popular starting from Japan to Morocco. Data is encoded both horizontally and vertically in a grid of tiny squares by QR codes whereas a bar code encodes data in just the horizontal plane. QR codes, in turn, allow for more data to be encoded in a smaller space and barcodes are good for only a little more than identifying products and objects. Specially programmed scanners will go through barcodes and match them to the product names, prices, and inventory, whereas QR codes …

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