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Local Businesses Online Marketing: Success Stories

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…-Wink-… / / CC BY-NC-NDWe can always get inspired and understand things better by reading success stories of other people we can identify with and that’s why I decided to round up a few stories about fellow local business owners who have successfully boosted their business even in this time of recession. Caminito Argentinian Steakhouse, Northampton MA This steakhouse has increased sales by 30% in one year, compared to a negative industry average of 15%. They have used various social media avenues such as- * Their own cooking blog loaded with videos and photos with links to other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, FriendFeed, Flickr and Delicious * Their own YouTube Video Channel Most importantly they monitor their web marketing using Google Analytics, news and alerts and use it to gain ideas to improve their products Martell Home Builders This company specializes in building new homes and …

25 +1 Ways To Market Your Local Business Website For Free

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Create a Facebook fanpage -Invite friends, upload content, photos, videos etc. Have a Facebook icon link on your webpage Create a YouTube account and upload videos. Have your business url included in description box and embedded in the video Have a YouTube icon link on your webpage Join Twitter-get social and keep your followers informed on special offers and events Have a Twitter icon link on your webpage Join your professional association in your local state and attend networking events. Give out your business card Join online business directories that are relevant to your niche Participate in online forums related to your niche Write a 400word article every day and submit it to an article directory Write a compelling author resource box with your business url link and use it in all your articles and forum postings Write a report or e-book and offer it as a free gift to …

Get To Know More About The Uses And Benefits of QR Codes

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Get To Know More About The Uses And Benefits of QR Codes Generally speaking, a QR code is a barcode on steroids. They are basically used for encoding information in two dimensional space such as in the pages of magazines or advertisements and also on TV and websites. Originally, they were utilized to track auto parts, but now they’re typically utilized for commercial purposes and have become very popular starting from Japan to Morocco. Data is encoded both horizontally and vertically in a grid of tiny squares by QR codes whereas a bar code encodes data in just the horizontal plane. QR codes, in turn, allow for more data to be encoded in a smaller space and barcodes are good for only a little more than identifying products and objects. Specially programmed scanners will go through barcodes and match them to the product names, prices, and inventory, whereas QR codes …

Internet Shy? 5 Excuses Local Business Use to Avoid the Internet

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I am not a techie People often think they need to be a technical juggernaut to use the internet and nothing could be further from the truth. People everywhere are using the internet- kids under 10, teenagers, students, stay-at-home moms, retired persons, and even grannies. So much of the internet has been simplified and there are so many forums full of people who are ready to help you out for free. The thing to remember is that you can conquer your fear by empowering yourself with knowledge. You can start just by browsing other business websites and getting familiar with how the web works. Also sign up for the numerous free courses and free email newsletters available.

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